This page will give you the answers to most common questions. If you still don't find what you are looking for you can email us at for questions or contact HELPDESK.

Browser cache
Q: I cannot see pictures on profiles, the site is acting weird, I was told to clear my browsers cache.
A: This is a selection of most frequently used systems, should these not work for you, contact helpdesk.

For Internet Explorer (7.0 and above):
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools in the upper toolbar
  3. Click Internet Options to Open Internet Properties
  4. Click the General tab
  5. Click Delete under Browsing History
  6. Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files
  7. Click OK on the Delete Files dialog box
  8. Click Apply and then OK

For Firefox (Mac & PC):
  1. Click Tools in the uppeer toolbar and select Options
  2. Click the Privacy Icon
  3. Click Clear across from the Cache option
  4. Click OK
  5. Exit and re-launch your browser

For Safari (Mac & PC):
  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on Safari in the upper toolbar and Select Empty Cache.
  3. Click Empty on the Are you sure message box
  4. Exit and re-launch the browser

Q: I am a favorite on someone's account but I have blocked their account; can they still see my activities?
A: No, once blocked they will no longer be able to see your activities.

Q: How do I know if a member is real?
A: Networkplayzone offers a validation system. Members who met each other can validate each other. Only Full and lifetime members can validate another member. unpaid members can not make validations themselves, but are able to receive a validation. Networkplayzone can't in any way guarantee the validity of a member, however we do our best to keep Networkplayzone a clean site free of so called "Fakers".

Q: I received validations but selected to have them invisible. How can I make them visible again?
A: Go to your profile, click on the validations and change the selection from invisible to visible.

Q: I think a member is fake, what can I do?
A: Contact our helpdesk and explain why you feel a member is Fake. Our Helpdesk will investigate and take the most appropriate action needed.

Q: Another member is using my pictures, what can I do?
A: Contact this member first and ask them to remove the pictures. If no action is taken, contact our Helpdesk.

Instant Messenger
Use either Yahoo or AOL messenger to contact other online members instantly who have their messengers switched on.
Q: Why can I not see the IM window?
A:If you cannot see the IM window it may mean you have a pop up killer running, are behind a proxy server or firewall. Make sure you allow pop ups from, you can add Networkplayzone as a trusted site. Also make sure your firewall allows port 1935 traffic. This port must be open to use the IM.

Q: How do I switch the messenger on or off?
A: Just click on the messenger logo to either switch it on or off. Your member tools page also offers you the option to switch the messenger on or off when logging in.

Q: How do I know if my messenger works?
A: Look for your own profile, click on the messenger logo and the messenger conversation box will open. Answer the request and you should be able to see the conversation text in the messenger box.

The internal Networkplayzone mailbox will show and store all your emails up to 30 days unless you manually delete them.
Q: Can I delete all my email history?
A: You can delete your emails by selecting the ones you want to delete then click the execute tab. then you will have to go into your trash email and do the same procedure. Each message in the trash folder will be automatically deleted after 3 days.

Chat Room
Q: Is everyone allowed to chat in the chatrooms?
A: Only paid and lifetime members are allowed to chat. unpaid members can read but not reply.

Q: How can I report abuse in the chatroom?
A: Just click on the "report abuse" link and a notification will be sent to HELPDESK.

Q: Do I need a webcam to use the chatroom?
A: No, you do not need a webcam. However all our chatrooms allow the use of webcams. If you wish to show yourself, make sure to have your webcam connected before you enter the room.

Q: My webcam is not working in the chatroom?
A: Make sure your webcam driver is selected in the Flash program. To check this, just enter the chatroom, right-click on the picture side of the chatroom to bring up your flash settings.

See my profile
Q: I made changes to my profile but do not see these changes showing up.
A: Please press ctrl+F5 to refresh the page or delete your temp internet files in your browser.

Q: I want to change my member status (male, female, couple).
A: just go to your member tools and click to update profile.

Q: Can I change my first picture?
A: Yes go to member tools manage photos and change the position number then save your changes.

Q: How do I change my login name?
A: Check to see if the login name you wish to use, is still available (search member name). If available, go to member tools then update profile you will be able to rename your account there.

Q: When renaming the account, do I lose all my contacts, favorites, mail etc.?
A: No when we rename an account, all contacts, favorites, mail etc will be renamed as well.

Q: How do i delete my account?
A: From the member tools account page click membership and then on the membership page you will find the link.

Q: If I delete my profile will all my information be removed?
A: Yes, all your profile details, validations, contacts, journal contacts, emails, pictures, videos will be removed from our active database and can NOT be restored at a later date.

Q: When can I use the Invitation Program?
A: If you are organizing a free private party, you can select up to 50 members and send all these members the same invitation email at once.

Q: How can I change my billing period from for example 1 month to 3,6 or 12 months?
A: Just contact the Helpdesk they will be able to change this for you.

Q: How do I renew my account?
A:If your recurring billing is switched off, just use the Upgrade Now link to renew or if your credit card details are still the same, contact the help desk and have them renew the account for you.

Block Member
Q: How can I block members from contacting me?
A: Go to Account on the member tools page, you will see the block settings. Blocked members can still see your profile but will not be able to email or message you. You can block members on an individual basis by going to a members' profile. At the bottom of the page is a link to "Block this User".

Q: If I block a unpaid member what can they still see?
A: When you block unpaid members they can still read your profile but only see the first picture. They can not email or instant message you either.

LifeStyle Definitions

AC/DC - Bi-Sexual Person(s).
Arts - Fetishes.
B&D or BD - Bondage and Discipline.
Back Door - Anal Sex.
BBC - Big Black Cock.
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. Larger than average woman that is beautiful regardless of size or weight.
BDSM - Bondage - Discipline - SadoMasochism.
BI or Bisexual - Someone that enjoys sex with both men and women.
Bi-Curious - Someone that is curious, interested in or has had limited Bisexual experience.
Bondage - The practice of restraining a person(s) for sexual pleasure.
Can Entertain - Someone that has a private location and is willing to invite others over.
Can Travel - Someone that is willing to drive to meet, generally beyond an hours drive.
CD - Cross Dresser - Person who sometimes wears clothing associated with the opposite sex, generally used by men.
Clean - Diseases and Drug Free.
Cougar - An older woman who sexually pursues men significantly younger than herself. Some definitions define the age difference as at least 8 years.
Couple - Two people, generally one male, one female.
CPL - Couple.
Cunnilingus - Oral stimulation of the vagina/clitoris.
DDF - Clean, drug and disease free.
Discipline - Spanking, bondage or similar practice intended to arouse sexual desire.
DP - Double Penetration, simultanious Vaginal and Anal.
Entertain - Can host at your place.
Exhibitionism - Showing off in public, involving nudity.
F - Female.
Fellatio - Oral stimulation of the penis.
Fetish - sexual attraction to objects, body parts, or situations not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.
Full Swap - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to AND including intercourse.
FWB - Friends With Benefits: Friends who have casual sex without any kind of commitment.
Gay - Homosexual, generally a male, but not always.
GBM - Gay Black Man.
GWM - Gay White Male.
Heterosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the opposite sex.
Homosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the same sex.
Hotwife - A happily married woman that enjoys having sex outside the marriage with the full support of her husband. The husband is generally monogamous with his wife and may or may not watch her with other men.
Hung - One with a large penis.
HWP - Height/Weight Proportionate. Someone that is not overweight or underweight.
IR - Inter Racial.
ISO - In Search Of.
Lesbian - Gay women.
LTR - Long Term Relationship.
Play - To meet up with another couple or single usually for sex.
M - Male.
MBC - Married Black Couple.
MBiC - Married Bi Couple.
MILF - Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck.
Moresome - More than four.
MWC - Married White Couple.
NSA - No Strings Attached.
Off-Premise - A swing club or party where there are no designated locations for play. This may or may not exclude the activity from actually taking place.
P/P - Photo/Phone.
S&M or SM - Sadism/Masochism.
Safe - Someone that is not at risk for becoming or causing a pregnancy.
SF - Single Female.
SWF, SWM - Single White Female,Single White Male.
SBF, SBM - Single Black Female,Single Black Male.
SBiF, SBiM - Single Bi Female,Single Bi Male.
SGL - Single.
Sodomy - Usually Anal sex, possibly forced.
Soft Swing/Swingers - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to but not including intercourse.
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease.
STR8 or STR - Straight, a Heterosexual person.
Swap or Swapping - Two couples exchanging partner.
TS - Transsexual.
TV - Transvestite.
Unicorn - Slang for a single female, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a "unicorn" because they are so rare.
Versatile - Bisexual.
Voyeur or Voyeurism - One who enjoys watching.
Water Sports - Urination involving sexual stimulation.
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